"Your dog’s got Itchy Skin, Allergies, or Bathroom Troubles? Tackle all their problems with a puppy probiotic."

Hundreds of rave reviews show why pet parents are making the switch to Mighty Munch’s meal topper.

“Your dog is sneezing, scratching, and suffering from under eye tear stains. You may think something up with their skin, but the real cause of their symptoms is lurking beneath the surface—and it’s more serious than a sniffle.”

Many dog owners might dismiss itching and sneezing as allergies—something their poor pup just has to bear. But more often than not, this isn’t the case. Allergy-like symptoms are often the result of an imbalance in your dog’s gut — and left untreated, those symptoms are just the start of your dog’s problems.

As veterinarians have proven, “go with the gut” is more than just a saying; a dog’s overall health follows the health of their digestive system. A pup’s gut is filled with a careful balance of micro-bacteria and yeast, and when this balance gets thrown out of whack, the body has an inflammatory immune response. The symptoms might sound all-too-familiar: from itching and hair loss to tear streaks under the eyes. And untreated, these problems can worsen to be permanently debilitating or even life-threatening.

Treatment isn’t just necessary; it’s easy. Dog owners across the country are stocking their shelves with a science-backed, effective product that stops the problem at its source. Trust us, you’ve never seen your dog at their best until you have introduced this product into their lives.

Thousands of verified reviews can’t be wrong. Hear what has dog owners raving about Mighty Munch.


Just a few cents a day*, and as Josh, a Mighty Munch customer put it: "you can't put a cost on your dog's best life" - especially after seeing the amazing reviews and success stories. Additionally, with stock running quite low and the global manufacturing system in a mess due to covid - owners are being urged to get their hands the limited probiotic meal topper today (orders within the next 24 hours only are guaranteed to be delivered on time).

Who expected 2021 to be the best ever-year for dogs? The team at Mighty Munch had a hunch.

Almost as soon as the team behind the vet-backed Joint Meal Topper launched their latest supplement, the new Probiotic Meal Topper was an instant classic. After adding it to their dog’s daily regimen, customers can’t imagine their lives without it. And to think, they had spent years raising their dogs without them?

Mighty Munch’s Probiotic Meal Toppers combines a carefully calibrated blend of probiotics in a tasty formula that you just add to your dog’s typical food. It’s easy and effective — but don’t just take our word for it. Thousands of customers are leaving five-star reviews for it across verified review sites.

Mighty Munch is an allergy-ender.

You know when you have an urge to scratch an itch? Well, dogs aren’t the best at resisting urges. So when the inflammation from an imbalanced gut creates symptoms including itchy skin, dogs can really suffer.

You might have thought this itching and sniffling was an unavoidable, seasonable thing, but odds are, your dog can skip their scratchy, sneezy season! All you need to do is stop the discomfort at the source.

Simply by adding Mighty Munch Probiotic Meal Topper to their doggie bowl each day, you can get those allergic responses out of your dog’s system much faster.

They create a happy and healthy gut, which means a happy and healthy gut. Without the inflammatory response to an imbalanced microbiome, a dog’s skin and sinuses can return to normal, without any of the itchy rough patches and sneezing fits that you’re tired of watching them suffer through.

Put the irritation away and let them live a happy life, for longer.


Here are some of the ingredients in their meal topper that help with maintaining a healthy gut (a full list of ingredients can be found by clicking one of the orange buttons below)...

  • L rhamnosus - Uniquely adapted to survive in acidic and basic conditions within your dog’s body, this bacterium can also adhere to and colonise doggie intestinal walls. Such characteristics give L. rhamnosus a better chance of survival — so it offers longer-term benefits.
  • L. plantarum - Stimulates your dog’s digestive system, fights off disease-causing bacteria, and helps your dog’s body to produce vitamins. Many dogs benefit from reducing seasonal allergies and irritated bowels.
  • B. lactis - The worlds most documented probiotic, which has been proven to fight unwanted internal growths , improve digestion and enhance immune functions for dogs.

It contains a whole host of ingredients designed to enhance gut health.

Whats more impressive are the incredible reviews on the Probiotic Meal Topper. Hundreds of Americans have posted online about how much the Probiotic Meal Topper has changed their dogs’s lives (It has hundreds of perfect 4.8 star ratings on Judge.me):

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"Titus was going through so much pain — it was like he went from a puppy to an old dog in just two years. But after a month or two of Mighty Munch probiotic, his energy levels are up, his scratching is down, and we have our old pup back."

I was apprehensive after seeing ads for Mighty Munch’s Probiotic Meal Topper, but it really is all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s a must-have in the dog bowl.

Roz Swadling

I had tried EVERYTHING to get rid of my Pomeranian’s tear streaks. Serums, creams, pills — and it all felt like a scam. Only once I stopped the problem from the inside did her eyes finally clear up!

Geri Nemeth

Our golden Sophie had a bald spot on her back leg ever since we brought her home from the human society. We thought the hair loss was permanent. But after Mighty Munch Probiotic got her gut in check, a new layer of coat seemed to sprout overnight!

Kim Levine

I have tried other brands, Mighty Munch gets the best results. I think because its pure. It also doesn't change the taste of my dogs food, which is a huge plus because he is a picky eater.

Run Forest Run!

I have both my pups on this. I want to ensure they have the best immunity and fight off allergies as best I can. I will continue to use these meal toppers for good.

Cheryl Nightingale

Just try it. That’s all I can say. Bosco was doing pretty well before we added the meal topper to his diet, but we can tell the difference in ways big and small. Shinier coat, more energy, and less runny poops. Less of the bad surprises, and more of the good ones. Love it.

Eleanor Reid

Listen, we are no stranger to a picky eating pet. We’re definitely used to wrapping our dog’s pills in a slice of cheese to trick him to swallowing it. That’s why this Mighty Munch formula is so easy. Our dog actually eats it, without having to be tricked. The ingredients are all-natural, and it looks and smells more like food than medicine. 5/5! 🙏

Frances Peterson