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MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews





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Mighty Health - Joint Soft Chews (25% OFF Monthly)

Mighty munch

My 15 year old Spoodle is like a puppy again. Her stiffness has. All but gone Thankyou mighty munch

Wow, I was worried about buying an overseas product and if it would be effective for our dog but I had no need to be concerned, our dog is bouncing around like a puppy, no sign of a sore leg, thank you so much


Our big boy is 14 yrs old and he's been on this product for just about 1 month...we are seeing a great difference which makes us very happy... he is walking better and not moaning when he lays down...glad we found this product


These helped a lot I saw a difference


Mein Hund ist inzwischen 16 Jahre alt. Hat starke arthrose und kann schlecht laufen. Die Tabletten haben seinen Zustand nicht geheilt aber die Symptome gemildert was ihm viel Lebensqualitat zurück gebracht hat. Vielleicht schaffen wir die 17 noch. Gutes Produkt. Kein Wundermittel

>I think it help

It is hard for me to know if this is helping or not, my dog is 14 years old and it is a englis shepperd, thèses dog usually not live that old. I also Beleive he has problem with his ankle and it is probably painful for him. I give him Rimadyl and now I also give him the mighty munch which seems to help but not sure.

To soon

Have not noticed a difference in my dog yet, but she does like it.

huge improvement

Stanley was unable to weightbare on his back leg after long walks. Together with mighty munch & no longer being allowed to jump on & off the furniture he seems to be no longer in pain. I would suggest he is 90% better. We will have a review at the vet next week.

Run Forest Run !

Our three legged dog forest lives his chews. He’s generally fussy but I think he knows it helps him like his amber collar from Little Smiles Amber He can’t walk longer run further in three legs, he’s loving life again.

Bella and Lilly love MightyHealth

Nutritious and healthy daily treat packed full of goodness :)

Helps my pooch

Kahnee likes his chews and they have helped with his mobility and wellbeing.

Buddy 10years old golden Labrador retriever doing well on mighty health

My buddy is doing well on mighty health chews are helping him we walk 2kms a day and he enjoys it and jumps for me when I come home from work

Mighty Munch

Has suited my dogs and helped them to continue to compete in Agility

3 happy Border Collies

Nothing but A+ since starting on 2 of them and now began feeding the 3rd

I do like your product and have noticed the difference in my dog. So will continue to order when needed.

Joint soft chews

My dog loves the taste and eats them more than happily.

MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews

Amber loves these! She is almost 17 and still moves around like a 10 year old!


Best ever!

So my dog had an accident, and I found out she had hip displacia and advanced arthritis. For almost a year I did what the vet prescribed and nothing changed. Then I seen your add on Facebook. Took a chance and it was the best money I ever spent. She acts like a puppy now. So thank you!

Happy dog, happy owner.

I have a 15 year old mixed breed who has arthritis in front shoulder joint, since starting on Mighty Munch she is a lot happier and even manages to jump up on sofa again. She still has limp but not as bad as before and its still early days so as long as she still has that smile I will continue to give to her. Thank you from New Zealand.

Very soft and tasty

works buddy will get this for the rest of his life


Very happy with them so far

Bella loves them. She is always bugging me to give her more.