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Good product

My dog is a lot happier now

I found Gracie about two months ago she had been abandoned and I noticed her in this pasture when I would go to work and there when I came home it started to bother me after a few days I told my wife I’m going to stop and give her some food on the way to church like I thought she was starving she came right to me and eat the food, the next morning I stopped and fed her again I thought about it all day and called my wife and told her I was going to pick her up and bring her home, when I stopped and called her she came right to me but I could tell she was an elderly dog with all kinda of hip and shoulder problems very poor but very smart so I took her to the vet and had her checked out she was in fairly good shape except for arthritis , I saw your ad on Facebook and ordered a three month supply she has been on it for 26 days now and we can tell a difference and improving everyday, she jumps off of the porch and runs the fence with my outside dogs. Meet Gracie our new addition to our family.

Mighty munch mighty good

Delivery was quick and mighty munch has my dog who has arthritis. She is 13 and anything that helps her is good

Our boy.

Our boy is 8yrs old
He has a bit of leg pain but since the chews he's great.


Early days but the tablets seem to be working.

Fattys Journey to health

Have put Fatty on Mighty Much so he does not have too many Rimadol. He is doing really well.

MM Reveiw

5 star all the way... Just cannot fault these guys..
Thank You

Happy Pups

My little Blenheim baby would never jump up on the lounge or bed. We’ve been using mighty munch for a numbers of month (yes I was a skeptic) and have seen a massive improvement in her agility.
It’s now they’re special morning treat.

Great service and product

Both myGoldens are now using this product. The older one has arthritis and this product is defifinitely making life easier for him

Gave my 15 year old beagle more mobility than ive seen in recent times . She can walk around the yard more freely.

Help for Sid

My 10 year old Australian Silky Terrier can now get around thanks to mighty much. Thank you

King munchies

My king loves it

Sabre's saviour

My son says his staffy Sabre now enjoying beach swims and running again.

Great Product

Our 10 year old lab loves these and she has become much more active with no joint pain. These are truly doggie super treats.

11 yr old acting like a pup.

Standard poodle retriever cross....prone to hip problems. Much more active, playing like a pup again. Love it.

MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews

Hip and joint chews

They seem to be working and the dogs love them !!


My dogs love them i give them one a day my dogs are toung but i got these to prevent arthiritis when they older my rotti is a big boy i noticed hes more active aswell and getting faster usually hell just sleep as hes growing but really active

My experience using Mighty Munch for my dog

My old boy has shown definite signs of improvement after using Mighty Munch, I'm so happy to see him enjoying some quality of life in his twilight

Back in bed

True to your word! I ordered 1 tub to see if there’s a difference in my girl as she can’t jump up on the bed no more. After about 2 weeks, she’s back in bed again! Just received my second order of 3 tubs this time.....We both are jumping with Joy!

I have seen some improvement in my dog Lexi she go’s upstairs a lot better so I have to see with some more time.

My old girl bucca started on these about 3 weeks ago . I’m pleased to say we are starting to notice a difference . Money well spent.

MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews