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Best chew ever

I cannot be happier with mighty munch, it has given my 16 yr old Golden Retriever his movement back and increased his quality of life.

mighty munch

my dog is quit fussy, but she loves mighty munch & looks for more


Lucy our Golden Retriever say's Woof Woof he gets one in the morning and 1 in the evening if she could she would have the whole lot at once . so woof woof to u guys

Joint condition

Great product

My dog loved them

Hope they work!!


there seems to be an improvement since giving him mighty munching but he don't like taking them so I open his mouth to drop one in .thank u

Hip & joint

15 year old border collie, bad arthritis, these chews are definitely making a big difference .Happy dog and moving a lot more freely 👍👍❤️

Awesome product

Awesome product has worked great for my brother's dog she's been more comfortable and walking and running alot freely.

Loving might munch

My young dog Shelby turning 7 in March 2020. Has had two knee op's on both her hind legs. The first Op a great success. The second fine but she will become lam on in after running around two much. I've had to keep her on a short lead to keep her quite which is hard for a young dog. She has been on might munch for 4 months now and you wouldn't no she had any trouble in the first place. So nice she can enjoy being a dog again and run and chase her ball again. Thank you might munch.

Great product.great service.

5 stars

This product has worked for my dog . Within a week I noticed improvement.i will keep my dog in these.

MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews
5 *****

A very good product. I would like to see them in larger containers,I have two Collies and the mighty munch last no length

Quite impressed.

My rottweiler is nearly 13 year old. He sustained a fracture to his shoulder when he was 15 months. Resulting in chronic arthritis now. I do think there is an improvement in him since using your tablets. Will definitely be ordering more. Thank you. Dianne

100 % Improvement

I started seeing improvement in bout 2 weeks. Up and down stairs no longer a chore for her

Very good

My duke has a bit of arthritis in his front leg we were finding after each walk and run around he was limping with it.tried a few other products but this one actually works.he has not limped once since taking these.

Mighty Munch Chews for dogs

I have been giving the chews to my 11 year old Bullmastiff X Bullarab dog with arthritis in her right knee . She has had some improvement but it is only eraly days and I believe it takes at least six weeks for any natural suplements to acheive their full potential.

Very Happy

My 10 year old bull terrier was suffering in her hips. She regularly wasn't able to jump up on the bed or couch and running around really tired her out. Since being on Mighty Munch - 2 months - she is now happier and pain free. In fact, most of the time she thinks she's a puppy. I'm very happy with this proiduct.

Shadow ten times better He loves his Mighty Munch

Mighty munch

Too early to see results, but fingers crossed


Absolutely brilliant product, has worked wonders for our little Papillon, have ordered more