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MightyHealth Hip & Joint Soft-Chews




About Mighty Munch

MightyHealth™ Hip & Joint Soft-Chew Supplements

Mighty Munch was created to give all dogs the best future by producing supplements to optimise their health and general well-being. We strongly believe that prevention is better than a cure, so giving your dog a head start will benefit them in the long run and boy do we know they like to run. Our vision is to help all dogs - big or small. No matter what breed they are, we’ve got your puppy dog pal covered!

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Be the best dog parent, ever - Mighty Munch is helping dogs be happier, daily.

Giving you the treats you need to be the best dog parent, ever!

As pet parents, we want to do all that we can to make sure that our dogs live long, happy and fulfilled lives but unlike their feline friends, dogs don’t have 9 lives.

Taking on a holistic approach that caters to all dogs, big and small, Mighty Munch stands out from other brands as they genuinely care more about your dog’s health than they do about making profit which is reflected in the quality and care that is put into the manufacturing of all products.

It’s not only old dogs that need supplements. Many younger dogs need supplements from an early age due to different genetics. Mighty Munch have taken this into account and have carefully manufactured supplements that cater to each stage of your dog’s life.
Mighty Munch promotes the values of integrity, accountability and respects the diversity of each and every customer.

Order with confidence.If for any reason you dont think MightHealth™ is suitable, we will refund you completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our world-class team prepared answers to your common questions.

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Glucosamine 500mg
MSM 400mg
Chondroitin 75mg

Over 99% of dogs absolutely love our chews. If your dog doesn’t like them, you are covered by our money back guarantee. Just send us an email on

A simple way to introduce your dog to Mighty Munch is to mix it in with their regular food. That works almost every time for dogs that are a little picky with what they eat.

It depends on your dogs weight.
For dogs under 25lb (11kg): ½ a chew per day
Dogs between 25 and 75lb (11-34kg): 1 chew per day
Dogs over 75lg (35kg+): 2 chews per day

We recommend giving the chews right before their regular meal time.

Yes. We have free shipping worldwide with UPS mail innovations priority. That means full tracking and reliable delivery!

All our prices are in US dollars.

Absolutely! Mighty Munch joint chews are scientifically formulated to repair damage caused to your dogs joints through regular wear and tear.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, so it’s best to get started before any symptoms show up.

Mighty Munch is specifically formulated to help dogs. Unfortunately we can’t recommend them for cats as they have different needs.

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